The Rechargeable E-cig… taking the world by storm

By now you’ve either heard about or have a rechargeable e-cig.  They are definitely all the rage with smokers and nicotine lovers.  Even folks who didn’t smoke previously are getting into the rehcargeable e-cig.

Electronic Cigarettes, as most call them, come with flavor cartridges in various nicotine strengths and flavors.  Cherry, vanilla, coffee, menthol, and more… these cartridges slip into your rechargeable e-cig unit and deliver the flavor and nicotine you want and need.  Some tasty flavors out there too.

The batteries on these e-cigs are getting better as the technology evolves, as well.  Lithium batteries make these rechargeable e-cigs last long, while delivering the power to give you a big vapor hit or as ecig people are calling them, puff.

So check the e-cigarette world out and get rid of those nasty traditional tobacco cigarettes you’re smoking.  It’s better for you and those around you!

Vaping liquid vs. cartridge e-cig

I got stuck at my parents’ house last week and was out of cartridges for my South Beach Smoke e-cigs. Overall I’ve been very happy with this brand. The menthol flavor is great – it tastes just like smoking a mint hookah, very smooth, and not like some of those other ones where it seems like you just got smashed in the tastebuds with a bunch of mouthwash missiles.


Problem is, I have not found anywhere you can just buy the cartridges – you have to mail order them, and I’d left my extras at home. I went to a vaping shop about a mile from my folks’ house. The guy there was super nice but was having some kind of seizure fit when I first walked in. I’m not gonna lie, I thought he was dancing. Then I felt bad and said, hey man, do you sell e-cig cartridges or just the vaping liquid?


He said they had some cartridges, too, so I took my e-cig out and unscrewed the cartridge so he could test whether the kind they sold fit, since they didn’t have my exact brand. Of course, none of the ones he sold fit, so I ended up going and buying a pack of smokes because to buy a whole new vaping unit was a bunch of bucks I didn’t want to spend that day.

It definitely gave me something to think about, like how if I had the vaping kind of e-cig I totally could have gotten some of the vaping oil there and would have had no problem, but instead I had the cartridge kind and was screwed. At the same time, I have been very happy with the South Beath Smoke – their menthol flavor is definitely the best one I have tried, but now I am thinking maybe I’ll ask my Great Aunt Betty to buy me a vaping kind the next time she bitches about me smoking. Happy birthday to this guy (me).

Other things you can do with rechargable e cigs

Beside the obvious use of e cigs to quit smoking there are other things you can do with them you may have not thought of.
For example if you smoke pot there are a lot of mods you do easily to vaporize pot or smoke pot.

One method is you can easily modify your e cig to be a portable vaporizer. There are lots od DIY write ups on how to do this. But they require little work abd just a few tools like pliers and anpaper clip. The downside is the electric coils is that they dont last long and burn out.
When this happens you can just take the cartridge itslef and use it as a discrete one hitter you can smoke out of. Just pack some pot in there and light it like a small pipe.
The good part is either method is discrete and blends right in with your e cig kit. The benefit of getting a rechargeable battery e cigarette is that you can load up a bunch of modded cartidges and carry them with you. You can easily swap the nicotine cartrides for pot ones and no one will be able to tell.

Great uses and benefits to using an E-cig

The best use of an e cig is to suppliment it for a regular cigarette. You can even use it to try to quit all together.
There are some cons like you still cant smoke them everywhere like on a bus on openly on a plane.  Some stores and restaurants are even banning them inside.  But for the most part you can find a place in side that is expectable.

I often jsut take a quick puff while i am inside at my desk when no one is looking.  There is no smell or lingering smoke smell.  Your car and you house wont smell like stale cigarettes anymore.  While I can’t completely quit smoking yet I have noticed that I have cut way back and def. saved some money. For the most part these pros outweigh the cons.

If you are in a pinch too or can’t find the perfect kit for you.  There are plenty of cheap ones or disposable ones you can find in drug stores and party stores. Whenever I see a new one I like to give it a try, I have even tried different flavors which i normally would not do by what not.  They are pretty cheap.  Also easy to carry, like when you go out they wont get crushed like a pack of smokes.

The rechargeable ones are even better. Some people like to roll their own cigs, so imagine being able to quickly and easily refill your smokes.  You can’t right?  But with an e cig you just recharge the battery and you are all set to go.

All you have to buy is replacement nicotine cartridges when you run out, the liquid nicotine does nto last forever.  Each one last pretty long and so does the battery so you will save a lot of money and trips to the store.  Just order new filters online when you run low.

Using an e cig

Looks like the real thing but its electronic!


The electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette is a unique piece of technology that started some ten years ago when a Chinese inventor devised a way to deliver nicotine to the human body via a water vapor that appears to the naked eye as smoke.

The smoke is not real smoke.  It only looks like smoke.  Instead it is a water vapor that disappears very quickly after it is created.  This water vapor is able to carry nicotine within its water vapors and when inhale and ingested, it gives you the smoker the same feeling as you would when you smoke.  You get high off of the nicotine.

At first, when the electronic cigarette was invented, many people believed that it could help people to stop smoking.  Many still believe that is still true but most companies no longer make those assertion.  Now, most people claim that it is potentially a healthier to smoke given that you are no longer lighting a match to burn the tobacco leafs.

There is no dispute that there is no second hand smoke with a electronic cig.

We are not here to debate the scientific facts of whether e-cigs help you stop smoking or are better for your health.  We will let the scientific community do that.

Currently a e-cig is not regulated by the Food & Drug Administration.  Some people might think that it should be but as of now it is not.  So the FDA does not classify it as a cigarette that requires warning labels and etc.

I personally find the electronic cigarette to be a great piece of technology.  I live in a no smoking apartment and the e-cig allows me to puff away without any worries or complaints from landlord.

I also particularly like the electronic cigarette cause it helps me save a lot of money smoking them compared to regular cigarettes.  At $12.99 for a pack of 5 nicotine cartridge it is a considerably savings when you know that one nicotine cartridge is equal to one pack of cigarettes.